Linport: Supporting Organizations

The following organizations support the goals of the Linport Project

Founding Organizations (in alphabetical order)

BYU-TRG - Brigham Young University Translation Research Group
DGT - Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission
GALA - Globalization and Localization Association

Sponsoring Organizations (in alphabetical order)

Multiling (Gold Level)

Supporting Organizations (in alphabetical order)

DGT - Directorate-General for Translation of the Court of Justice of the European Union - disclaimer
FIT - International Federation of Translators
XTM International

Organizations, including commercial ones, can express their support for the Linport Project without implying that they are going to implement or use Linport. We welcome all comments and suggestions from professionals in the translation/localization industry and from other interested parties via out mailing list. Organizations wishing to express support for the objective of Linport and be listed as supporting organizations may contact to request inclusion in the list of supporting organizations.