Linport: Terminology

The following terms have special meaning in the Linport project.

a work in progress, not yet a draft standard, that will eventually be submitted to a standards body to help build a standard, that includes a data model and possible implementations of it
Bilingual Translation-project with Specifications (a Linport profile)
Language Interoperability Portfolio (“Linport” used ambiguously for the project, for the blueprint being created by the project and for instances of the data model evolving in the project)
a collection of elements relevant to the authoring, translation/localization, and publication of content, sometimes called a package or an instance (there are a number of existing proprietary package formats that the Linport project hopes to bring together)
a subset for a particular audience and purpose
structured translation specifications compatible with A set of specifications is central to a translation request.
an Xdossier-style description of a Linport data model
a data object based on a directory structure containing files in several formats, with an emphasis on key-value pairs, and designed for browsing with web browsers. Xdossier is mappable to XML (see