Current Activities

Notice: Organizations, including commercial ones, can express their support for the objectives of the Linport Project without implying that they are going to implement or use the results of the Linport Project. We welcome all comments and suggestions from professionals in the translation/localization industry and from other interested parties.

Note on Intellectual Property: All contributions to the Linport Project will be made available through one or more open-source, royalty-free license models. See the Intellectual Property page for more details.

Past Events and Presentations

The Linport splitter is ready for testing!

Please test it here: •

Instructions can be found here: Instructions

Dec 2013 Linport Article published in LocFocus

December 2013 • Get Article

Oct 2013 TAUS User Conference, Portland

Oct 2013, Portland
Linport was presented for the first time at the TAUS user conference by Alan Melby • Get Slides