Localization/Translation and Authoring Consortium (LTAC)

LTAC became the host organization for the Linport Project when the Multilingual Electronic Dossier Project and Container Project merged in July 2011.

Money can be contributed to the Linport Project through LTAC, which is a not-for-profit corporation. Please contact Alan Melby for details if you wish to make a contribution.

LTAC Mission Statement

LTAC’s mission statement is to address language challenges on a global scale. This goal is accomplished by coordinating the volunteer efforts of its members and partners. As a nonprofit consortium, LTAC brings to bear extensive experience, techniques, and technologies for localization/translation, including authoring with translation in mind, as well as language services planning, with an emphasis on providing free access to lexical and terminological resources.

Website: http://www.ltacglobal.org